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How Much Can I Claim for Stress

How much can I claim for stress at work?

If you’ve been struggling with a lot of pressure of work and it’s made you ill, you might be wondering ‘how much can I claim for stress’.

The law states that if you are injured or fall ill and somebody else was demonstrably to blame then you are entitled to seek compensation.

This compensation is available as a means to provide recompense for the physical and psychological pain that you suffer as a result of an injury or illness and also as a way to offer victims a financial means to cope with the costs that can result from their condition.

Many people who are in this situation and believe they may have a compensation claim tend to jump straight to the question of how much can I claim, but there are a number of other questions which are equally as important to ask.

These questions include when can I claim, who can help me to claim, and how do I contact them, and this article therefore will provide the answers to these questions as well as an answer to the question of how much can I claim for stress.

When Can I Claim?

As referred to above you are entitled under UK law to seek compensation when you are injured or fall ill and somebody else was to blame, but for the majority of claims there is also another restriction on when you can claim which you need to be aware of.

This is the fact that for the most part you have a period of three years from the incident in question in which to claim, and after which you can no longer begin claims proceedings. The only types of claims which are not subject to this, or any other time limit are those which regard injuries to minors and those relating to industrial diseases such as asbestos poisoning.

How Much Can I Claim?

There is no hard and fast way to answer this question as it differs depending on the individual claim but an excellent way of getting an initial answer to the question of how much can I claim is to take Accident Advice Helpline’s 30-second test™. This involves answering a few simple questions about your circumstances and then letting this online compensation calculator generate an estimate of the compensation that you may be owed.

Who Can Help Me To Claim?

As well as providing the 30-second test™, Accident Advice Helpline also offer the very best service when it comes to handling your claim. Each and every claim that they handle benefits from the company’s 15 years worth of experience of personal injury compensation proceedings and that is why they are the very best in the business at getting claimants all of the compensation that they deserve.

How Do I Contact Them?

Getting in touch with Accident Advice Helpline couldn’t be easier as they have two dedicated helplines of 0800 689 5659, which are both available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.