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How long should you stay off work if you have shingles?

Do you know how long to stay off work if you have shingles? Shingles involve painful skin rashes that affect one side of the body and the condition is also known as herpes zoster. Most people only experience one case of shingles in their lifetimes, though some people have shingles on multiple occasions. Older people and people with weak immune systems are more likely to have shingles.

Staying off work with shingles

Stay off work if you have shingles. Symptoms of shingles can include headaches and tingling feelings in areas of the skin. The rash usually follows the tingling a few days later. Shingles normally appear on the chest and stomach but may also appear on the eyes, face and genitals. The blotches end up transforming into fluid-oozing blisters. It can take a month for rashes to heal. Using a cold compress a few times each day can help you relieve some symptoms, as can wearing loose-fitting clothing and keeping the rash clean and dry.

People you should avoid until the condition clears include pregnant women who have never had chickenpox, those with weakened immune systems and babies that are younger than one month other than your own baby. You need to stay off work if you have shingles until the rash scabs. The shingles will remain contagious whilst the rash is oozing fluid.

Shingles is a virus that can be caught by anyone, so you won’t be able to take legal action if you do have the condition. However, we can still help you claim for injuries that you have sustained at work that could have been avoided. Your accident should have happened in the last three years and you must have seen a medical professional in the aftermath of it. You don’t need any money to start a claim with us and we work on a no win no fee basis.

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