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How does a bike accident occur?

With rising motoring costs, more and more people are deciding to get around by bike, rather than use a car. Cycling is an environmentally friendly mode of transport and is an excellent way to take exercise, so it is perhaps not surprising that its popularity is increasing.

Many towns and cities have created specific bicycle lanes, to allow cyclists a safer route to and from their destination. Although these are beneficial, there are still many hazards for the cyclist using public roads.

How does a bike accident occur?

As a cyclist, or a motorcyclist, you are one of the most vulnerable road users and are more likely to be badly injured in the event of an accident. Unlike motorists in a 4-wheeled vehicle, you do not have the protection of a metal frame or sophisticated safety features.

Regarding the question, ‘How does a bike accident occur?’ unfortunately the answer very often lies with other motorists. Indeed, many accidents are caused because they simply do not give due care and attention to cyclists on the road. They overtake too closely, or simply pull out of a junction in front of a bike.

Cyclists can also find themselves involved in an accident if the condition of the road is unsatisfactory. Potholes and uneven road surfaces can cause their bikes to skid out of control. Depending on the amount of traffic on the road, this could result in a very serious accident.

Claiming compensation after a non-fault bike accident

If you have been involved in a bike accident within the last three years, then you might be able to claim compensation. In fact, if you can prove that someone else was to blame, and you needed medical attention for your injuries, then you are legally entitled to seek justice.

The amount of compensation awarded will depend on the nature and severity of your injuries, as well as any out-of-pocket expenses that you incurred. An expert personal injury lawyer will work hard to get you the maximum compensation that you are owed, with the minimum of fuss. They will make sure that you are fully informed at every step of the process and that you are supported from the beginning to the end of your claim.

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