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Hot or cold treatment for a sprained ankle?

Here is a question for you. Would you use hot or cold treatment for a sprained ankle to help reduce swelling and encourage bruising to reduce the pain? Since you’ve arrived here on our website, there is a chance you’ve been looking for the answer to this question. We think we can help.

In truth, both answers are correct. The one thing that varies is when you use cold compresses and hot treatments. That’s what we will look at here. When you initially suffer your sprained ankle, you should go through the RICE series of steps to help reduce the symptoms you will naturally feel. RICE stands for four essential steps – rest, ice, compression and elevation. As you can see, icing the joint is the best course of action in the early stages. This is because ice will help you reduce the swelling that will naturally occur around the site of the injury.

Hot or cold treatment for a sprained ankle?

Once you have got through the first 48 hours or so following the injury, you can move to heat treatments to help get through the next stage of healing. Heat increases the circulation, and that can help heal the injury – but never use heat pads immediately following the injury.

To recap, ice is best in the first 48 hours when you want the swelling to come out. Once the swelling starts to reduce, you can move to heat pads. These will help reduce any pain you feel. Indeed, some people prefer using regular heat pads – with layers in between the skin and the heat source to prevent burns – to taking painkillers.

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Some people are simply unfortunate when they sprain their ankles. However, some sprains are caused in accidents that should never have happened. If you think your accident falls into this category, and you’ve had to use hot or cold treatment for a sprained ankle at various times, you should see if a claim could be possible.

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