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Hiking accident claims

Hiking is a great pastime enjoyed by many people every year. Some may only go for the occasional hike, while others regularly head out into the great outdoors to tackle a hike that could be many miles in length. There are potential dangers and risks associated with hiking, of course, but most people accept there is plenty of common sense involved in learning how to stay safe. Of the many people who indulge in hiking each year, there are reassuringly few hiking accident claims that take place.

How can a hiking accident occur?

You could probably imagine how you could become involved in a hiking accident. Slips, trips, and falls, and faulty equipment causing accidents, could all be possibilities here. However, hiking accident claims are uncommon. Often, accidents are due to our own bad luck or misjudgement. If you don’t look where you are going, or go off the route you are supposed to be following and get into difficulties that lead you to injure yourself, this would be down to you. It is rare that a third party would be responsible for what happened, although this could potentially be the case if a hike is provided by an organised group, or if your equipment fails you.

The injuries you could sustain from a hiking accident can be significant if a nasty fall is involved, and sometimes, someone else might be responsible for what happened to you, as we have already mentioned. Other injuries may be less serious, but they may still cause you some pain, inconvenience, and an inability to use part of your body for a time while it heals.

But let’s go back to the idea of someone else being responsible for injuries sustained by you. That could be why you are here and reading this to start with. We’ll explore that scenario further here, and we’ll look at the issue of negligence, too.

What about liability?

It is reasonable to wonder who is liable for a hiking accident. If you are with a group, the leader of the group may take you on a route that is more challenging than expected, and they may not be experienced enough to complete it themselves. This could be potentially dangerous, and may increase the odds that someone will be hurt.

Conversely, another hiker might be responsible for causing you to fall or be injured. Faulty equipment, such as a walking or hiking pole, could also cause you to fall or be hurt in some other way. Of course, if you use the pole incorrectly, or don’t take the time to ensure it is fit for purpose, this might be bad luck on your part. However, if the walking pole is not manufactured properly and is dangerous to use, it could lead to hiking accident claims for people who use them in good faith.

Why is it important to get treatment for any injuries you suffer?

If you are hurt, make sure you get some treatment for injuries sustained from a hiking accident as soon as you can. This will ensure your injuries heal properly, and as quickly as possible. It also means you can be properly checked over, to make sure you don’t have any other injuries. In the case of a fall, it is possible to suffer from internal injuries you may not be aware of, for example. These may require urgent treatment, too.

While it would be preferable to know how to prevent a hiking accident, if you do have one, a record of your injuries as seen by a medical professional would be a distinct advantage when proving a compensation claim. It means you can easily prove the injuries you suffered, because a third party medical professional has confirmed those injuries and treated you for them.

You would still need to visit an independent doctor as part of making your claim, but this is nothing to worry about. All hiking accident claims – indeed all personal injury claims – require this step, and it is done to ensure you receive the appropriate compensation award should you receive one.

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Hiking accident claims may not be common, but they are worth making if a third party was involved. Knowing how to claim compensation for a hiking accident is just as important as going ahead with a claim, and you can do both today. The fastest way is to call us, but you could also get some fast answers simply by using the online test you will find above. This requires answers to just a few easy questions, and it means you have a first glimpse of how hiking accident claims could potentially be processed by our team.

If you call Accident Advice Helpline on 0800 689 5659 you can find out the cost of making a hiking accident claim could be a lot lower than you think. In fact, you’ll pay nothing in fees to our solicitors if you lose, so your financial position will always be safe. Hiking can be challenging, refreshing, and constantly provides you with changing scenery to enjoy. But if you are injured on a hike and you think someone else caused that injury through negligence, speak to our team of advisors to find out for certain where you stand. It’s the best course of action you can take.