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Hidden dangers of children’s sand pits

Sand pits have long been a place children love playing in. Unless adequately cared for, however, they can be dangerous. Here are some of the hidden dangers of children’s sand pits.

Beware of children sand pits

The main dangers of children’s sand pits include the risk of children being:

  • Cut or suffering needle stick injuries by pieces of broken glass, needles and other potentially sharp objects lurking beneath the sand
  • Bitten or stung by insects living in the sand
  • Infected by toxoplasmosis, a disease that could affect children if a sand pit has been used as a toilet by cats, foxes or other animals
  • Infected by other types of bacteria harboured in wet, unclean sand

Depending on the materials used to build a sand pit, children may also be injured by splinters.

Avoiding the dangers of children’s sand pits

If you have a sand pit in your garden, you can minimise the hidden dangers of children’s sand pits by:

  • Taking toys out at end of play every day
  • Raking the sand regularly to remove rubbish and air the sand (fresh air and the sunshine are excellent disinfectants)
  • Covering the pit with netting during the night to prevent animals using it as a toilet
  • Always allowing the pit to dry out properly before covering it for prolonged periods

When visiting public playgrounds, it may be a good idea to at least:

  • Check the surrounding frame for damages
  • Give the sand a stir to make sure there are no needles, glass, etc. in it before allowing your child to play in it
  • Preventing your child from putting anything into his or her mouth while playing in the sand

Ensuring your child’s hands are washed properly afterwards and before eating or drinking anything is equally important.

Injuries at playgrounds

Sadly, a combination of the hidden dangers of children’s sand pits and lack of public funds means there are few sand pits to be found in public playgrounds today. This does, however, not mean children are now safe from accidental injuries. An accident can happen at any time, especially when playground equipment is not properly maintained. If your child is injured by defective playground equipment, you could be eligible to make a claim for compensation.

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