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Health and social care: the facts

The health and social care sector employs over four million people in the United Kingdom; this includes both the public and private sector. The largest employer in the UK health sector is the National Health Service which employs approximately 1.7 million people.

The health sector is made up of:

  • Hospitals;
  • General medical practices;
  • Specialist medical practices;
  • Dental practices;
  • Medical nursing homes; and
  • Other health-related work, such as physiotherapy and psychotherapy.

The social care sector is comprised of:

  • Residential nursing care and activities;
  • Non-residential social care; and
  • Child daycare.

Work in health and social care is very challenging. Employees are often expected to work long hours and take on shift work. In addition, work can often be very emotionally draining and has a high incidence of stress-related illness amongst employees. There is also a low chance of self-employment. However, on the plus side, this type of work does offer employment just about anywhere in the country.

Key facts and figures in health and social care

There is an ever-increasing demand for health and social care in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, budget restrictions often mean that fewer health and social care jobs can be created, and therefore the demand cannot be met. This also means that the existing workers are put under more pressure to meet these mounting needs.

It is therefore not surprising that this sector has one of the highest number of working days lost per worker in any industry in Britain. In addition, around 90% of the lost working days are due to work-related illness rather than injury. According to a report published by the Health and Safety Executive, the past year has seen an estimated 100,000 new cases of work-related ill health. In particular, stress-related illnesses were significantly higher than the average across all other industries.

The facts in health and social care reveal that more needs to be done to combat stress-related illnesses and other hazards in this industry. Employers need to take greater steps to ensure that stringent safety measures are implemented and that workers are given the necessary support to help them adequately deal with the present emotional stress.

Making a health and social care compensation claim

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