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Health and safety at work

There was a time when health and safety at work was virtually non-existent; accidents were far more commonplace and employers were not so often held accountable for the level of safety they provided for their staff. Thankfully, things have changed. There is now a huge onus on employers to follow health and safety procedures to ensure accidents and injuries are kept to an absolute minimum and staff are protected. Some people complain about health and safety at work, saying that it gets in the way and slows things down – but would you rather be safe or sorry?

Your right to safety at work

Whether or not you work in a potentially dangerous environment like a factory or building site, or a much safer environment like an office, there are always potential dangers that need to be dealt with. In warehouses, for example, danger can be posed by highly-stacked shelving and forklift trucks whizzing about the place. Health and safety at work is very important in such a location as a lack of due care and attention can cause potentially fatal injuries.

In an office, electronic cables must be tidily kept out of the way of feet and if any lifting is to be done, proper training must be provided to protect people from back injuries. As you can see, employers have a lot of responsibility to keep staff safe and sound and if they don’t, that could be considered negligent and a compensation claim may arise.

Failed by health and safety at work?

If you had an accident at work in the last three years, have you thought about how it was caused? Is it possible that if proper health and safety was implemented that it would not have happened? Some people think accidents and injuries are all part of the job, especially in physical jobs, but this is not the case. You always have the right to be safe at all times and your employer is responsible for this.

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