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Health and safety

Proper health and safety at work is essential. There are increasing obligations on employers to look after their employees, and with the diversity of heavy industry and manufacturing processes comes, unfortunately, a greater variety of risks for employees.

Workplace health and safety

In the light of the society in which we live, it’s essential that employers take care to protect their workers. Workplaces can be dangerous places, no matter the industry.

If you are an employer, be sure to look after your workers’ wellbeing at all times. If there is any potential for danger, ensure that you inform anyone who could possibly be affected, and alert workers and visitors with big and bold signage.

Although it is tempting to save money by asking people to do things they’re not meant to do, these things are forbidden for a reason, even if they don’t seem that way.

Similarly, should you ever see an employee acting in an unsafe way, be sure to admonish them sternly – better they should not like you, and better to err on the side of caution, than to have an injured worker and be liable to pay accident compensation for their medical bills and time off.

Poor health and safety

If you’ve been injured at work you should take a look at our page dealing specifically with that topic. In a situation in which the accident wasn’t your fault – one in which the health and safety at work was at fault, for example – you may well be eligible for accident compensation.

You should make sure to take contact details from any witnesses, and also take photos – even if it’s only using your phone – or anything that helps explain why you were hurt, and whose fault it was.

Most importantly of all, you need to seek immediate medical attention. Even if your injury seems trivial, it’s vital you check, and it’s also really helpful if there’s a record of your condition straight after the accident.

Liability insurance

By law, all companies in the UK must have liability insurance. This means that should an accident occur, their insurance company will pay whatever sum is due to the injured party. So if that’s you, there’s no need to worry about taking money from your employer, and you should take care to let any witnesses know this too.

If you’ve been hurt in the workplace, you should contact us as soon as possible so that we can start helping you. If we don’t know about your problem, we can’t solve it!

Health and safety violations

If you’ve had the misfortune of hurting yourself at work, the UK’s leading injury workplace compensation experts are only a phone call away.

Our team of specialist health and safety lawyers are no win no fee, which means you can be 100% sure they’re acting in your best interests.

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