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What does a head injury with vomiting days later mean?

Head injuries are fairly common in road traffic accidents or after falls from height, and if you have suffered a minor head injury, you should ensure you’re thoroughly checked out by a medical professional. They’ll usually carry out a head injury examination and if you have a minor injury such as concussion, you may be kept in hospital overnight to be monitored or sent home, where somebody should keep an eye on you. But there are some cases where a head injury with vomiting occurs days after you have been injured – what does this mean and is it cause for concern?

Symptoms of a brain injury

If you are experiencing any unusual symptoms days after suffering a minor or more serious head injury, it’s always cause for concern and you should seek medical advice. Suffering from a head injury with vomiting, nausea, dizziness or a headache can occur around three to seven days after your accident, and it could be a sign of a brain injury or a subdural haematoma. It’s a good idea to attend your local accident and emergency department as soon as possible to have a full examination and rule out anything serious, as the quicker you seek medical advice, the sooner you can receive any treatment you need.

If you’re suffering from a brain injury then it can impact the rest of your life, causing issues with cognition and memory, behavioural problems and mood swings that can make it difficult to go to work or live independently. Accident Advice Helpline recognises what a serious impact a head injury can have on your life, and we’ll make sure you are compensated for your losses if this has happened to you.

Should you make a claim after a head injury with vomiting?

It’s entirely up to you whether or not to make a claim after suffering a head injury; Accident Advice Helpline will never push you into making a claim and our advisors offer confidential, no-obligation advice. But we recommend you put some serious thought into making a claim, as if somebody else is to blame for your head injury then you don’t deserve to suffer in silence.

You may have financial costs to cover, for example lost wages from taking time off work or the cost of medical treatment or equipment if your injury is a serious, life-changing one. Give us a call today on 0800 689 5659 and we’ll be happy to offer confidential advice and give you some more information about the claims process.