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Head injury claim

Head injuries can be experienced for many reasons and in all manner of accidents and mishaps. Furthermore, they can be very minor, perhaps if someone sustains some cuts to the head, for example, or potentially life threatening, if the injury causes damage to the skull or to the brain. It makes sense you would want to know whether you could make a head injury claim if you have incurred such an injury in the recent past. Claims must be made within three years from the date you had the injury, so if your accident occurred within that time, you still have a chance to learn more. We are going to explore more information about this situation here, so you can see if you could claim something from your experience.

No one would want a good reason to make a head injury claim. You may be able to think of how you could develop a head injury, but you’d hope never to find yourself in any of those situations. It is vital to know the symptoms of a head injury, because you never know if you or someone else might develop them. Emergency medical attention might be required in some of these cases.

Types of head injuries that can occur

Concussion is one of the most common head injuries people can suffer, other than the odd cut, scrape, or bruise. However, just because it is common, it doesn’t mean it cannot cause some unpleasant symptoms. Generally, a concussion means you might feel a headache, or you might feel sick. Dizziness, confusion, and even a loss of consciousness can occur in this situation. Anyone with a head injury who has lost consciousness even for just a few moments should immediately be checked out by a doctor. This will ensure no underlying damage has been done that cannot be seen.

Other injuries can be more serious, such as a fractured skull, bleeding to the brain, or a blood clot at the point where the impact to the head occurred. Sometimes, injuries will be to the outside of the head, and cuts can bleed profusely in this area. If you were struck on the head by something sharp, you may need stitches to help the wound heal.

Treating a head injury will usually involve assessing symptoms, and perhaps keeping someone in hospital overnight if they have suffered a concussion with loss of consciousness. Sometimes, only minor first aid might be needed, but it is always very important to keep an eye on someone who has suffered a head injury of any kind.

Circumstances that might lead to a head injury claim

A fall – either from height or even at ground level – could result in a blow to the head that can lead to a head injury occurring. Alternatively, if something fell on someone, it could mean that person suffers a head injury.

While most people won’t suffer from the long-term effects of a head injury that are seen in some cases, it may still take some days or weeks to make a full recovery. A lot depends on the nature of the injury and how bad it was. When claiming for a head injury, your injury and its severity will be considered. If your claim did succeed in leading to a compensation payment being issued to you, the amount you would receive could depend on various factors.

We know that seeking help for a head injury is very important, as it means you can be checked for symptoms of underlying problems that may not immediately be apparent. However, evidence of your attendance at A&E or even just at your own doctor’s surgery will be beneficial when making a head injury claim. That’s because proof of your injuries must be present when claiming, so there is no doubt about the injuries you suffered from.

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