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What happens if uninsured drivers cause an accident on the road?

New research has found that one in 36 drivers is not insured, so what happens when uninsured drivers cause an accident where another driver is injured? Under normal circumstances where both drivers are insured, compensation can be claimed via the insurance company, particularly if someone is injured. However, if an injury is sustained in an accident involving an uninsured driver, the claim can be processed via the Motors Insurers Bureau (MIB). This organisation is a non-profit body which is funded by the insurance industry and was put in place to help motorists whether they are insured or not. However, proof is still required when a victim sustains an injury because of an insured driver’s negligence.

A personal injury solicitor can help victims who have been injured as a result of an uninsured driver. Compensation can still be won, particularly if the injury means that lifestyle changes have to made and the claimant is the victim of undue suffering and pain because of the accident.

Road accidents and uninsured drivers

Driving safely means having the correct insurance to cover yourself and others in the event of an accident on the road. However, if you have insurance but the other driver does not, you can still claim compensation if you are the one who is injured in an accident. Our personal injury solicitors at Accident Advice Helpline have the experience required to present evidence to help your case, and any compensation won can go towards the costs of repairs or medical costs associated with your injuries. As car accidents can result in high amounts of stress, a solicitor can help you think rationally and can deal with the claims process on your behalf. Accident Advice Helpline works with a team of solicitors to help victims of accidents that are someone else’s fault.

How to make contact and begin your claim

Driving without insurance suggests that someone has been negligent or careless to begin with when on the road and Accident Advice Helpline can help you gather further evidence to prove their negligence. To obtain no-obligation advice, call our team of solicitors on our free 24-hour helpline – 0800 689 5659 – or begin your claim using our 30-second test™. Provided you have suffered an injury that was someone else’s fault and your accident occurred within the last three years, we can help you win a cash payout that can pay for any related costs to your injury.