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What happens after a car accident?

Of course, car accidents are not something any of us really like to think about. However, across the UK, car accidents are an unfortunate reality of life, and it’s important that you know what to do if you are ever unlucky enough to be involved in one yourself – before it happens.

If you’re wondering what happens after a car accident, here are some of the key things to do:

  • Stop. However minor the incident seems to be. If you don’t, you’ll have committed a Road Traffic Act offence
  • Turn off the engine and illuminate your hazard lights so others can see you
  • If anyone seems to have been hurt, call the police and an ambulance if needed as a priority – accidents must be reported within 24 hours
  • Give your contact details to anyone else involved – and get contact information and insurance details from other parties yourself
  • Don’t apologise or admit blame for what has happened until you understand exactly what has happened, otherwise that could go against you at a later stage

What also happens after a car accident is that you should, if possible, gather and note down important information at the scene including:

  • All involved vehicles’ colour, model and make, as well as registration numbers
  • The date and time the accident happened
  • A rough sketch of the positions of all affected cars
  • A brief note of the weather conditions and anything noticeably unusual about road lighting or quality
  • A list of what damage the vehicles involved have incurred, and the injuries the people affected have sustained

Finally, photos at the scene could prove invaluable. Most modern mobile phones produce images of a quality that is perfectly fine for the purposes for which they are needed.

What happens after a car accident? Contact Accident Advice Helpline

In the immediate aftermath of a road accident, you are of course likely to feel quite badly

shaken. Especially if you have been badly hurt, you may not be best placed to pursue a potentially complex claim for personal injury compensation.

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