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Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome claims

Are Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome claims common?

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome claims are thankfully not that common, but they are very necessary. Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome is a serious condition, affecting up to one in ten people who work with vibrating hand tools over a period of many years. When power hand tools are used every day for years, as some trades require, they must be used within a strict, controlled regime that includes holding the tools correctly and taking very frequent breaks. If this regime is not in place, the tools can cause serious damage to the user over time, injuring the blood vessels in their hands and restricting the blood flow to their fingers.

Someone who suffers from Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome can experience a range of symptoms, including:

  • Lack of blood flow to the fingers, causing them to change colour – giving this condition its common name “white finger”
  • Severe pain in the hands and fingers as a result of the poor circulation
  • Loss of grip in the hands and fine motor control in the fingers
  • Bad reaction to cold of any kind – weather, cold water, etc – causing extreme pain in the hands

These symptoms can radically change the way a person lives their life. The pain can cause discomfort, particularly in cold weather. A sufferer may find that they need to wear gloves even in the summer. The loss of grip and fine motor skills can mean that a sufferer can no longer work in their trade as they are unable to hold screws or nails or grip a hammer. They often cannot carry on in the same job as any further use of powered vibration hand tools makes the condition irreversibly worse. They may also have to give up hobbies that involve fine motor control. Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome claims are a way of being compensated for some of the serious adjustments that a person suffering from this syndrome is forced to make to both their home lives and their work.

Can you help with Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome claims?

Yes, we do deal with Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome claims and if you are suffering from this condition, we suggest that you give us a call. This is not a condition that improves or goes away and you need to consider how you are going to deal with it going forwards. Compensation can help you to cope with the changes you will need to make to your work and home life, both immediately and in the longer term.

Give us a call now on our 24-hour helpline – 0800 689 5659 – and we will offer you free advice about your circumstances and discuss your options with you. If you decide that you would like to make a claim for compensation, we will make sure that you have access to the legal expertise you need with no upfront costs to pay. We will support you at every stage of your claim and make sure that you get the compensation you need and deserve.