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Fracture in neck claim how much could I get

Dear Accident Advice Helpline,

If I am going through a claim for hairline fracture in my neck, how much could I get?  Will my claim take potential future problems into account?

This is a very specific question – ‘If I have a hairline fracture in my neck claim, how much could I get?’.  But this article will use this question to explain what happens in a compensation claim case where the full extent of the injury might not be realised yet.

Firstly, let’s talk about what the answer to ’If I have a hairline fracture in my neck claim, how much could I get’ is.  The answer is anywhere between £1,500 and £18,000 or more.  In very exceptional and potentially tragic circumstances, the compensation claim could pay out an amount in the hundreds of thousands.

But now, let’s talk about why the answer to ’If I have a hairline fracture in my neck claim, how much could I get’ is so difficult to pin down.

What is a hairline fracture?

A hairline fracture is, as you would probably guess, a small fracture in a bone that does not go through the whole of the bone.  It shows up on an x-ray as a small hairline.  A hairline fracture may cause a great deal of pain, but for some people there is no pain at all.  For this reason, you might be unaware of a hairline fracture unless it is spotted on an x-ray.

The problem with a hairline fracture is that it means you have a weakness in that bone.  If further pressure is applied to that bone, the hairline fracture may expand and the bone may snap and break.  In a leg, this could be painful and inconvenient, but in a neck, this could lead to permanent paralysis.

What happens in a claim where the extent of the injury is not fully apparent yet?

A compensation claim is a one time only award.  You can’t generally go back and ask for more if your health worsens after your claim.  This means you have to get the right compensation award first time.  In a case involving an injury such as a hairline fracture to the neck, this means you need full, professional support to make sure your compensation award takes all eventualities into consideration.

In a case where your condition could seriously deteriorate unless you take life-limiting precautions, your solicitor will carefully present your case including all available information. You will be asked to undergo medical assessments to ascertain the extent of your current injury and the precautions you will now need to take for the rest of your life.  Although medical assessments may seem laborious, it is in your own interests to be fully aware of your injuries and possible consequences of a further accident.

Your compensation claim will then take into account the impact of your injury on your future quality of life, now that you will have to avoid situations that could make your injury worse.  Your claim will also discuss the probability and likelihood of further injury.  This means you will get the best compensation outcome for your future needs.

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