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Gym accidents: Rowing machine

Taking to the treadmill and having a fall is one of the most common gym accidents, not to mention one of the most applauded on social media. Slips, trips and falls when pushing yourself on a treadmill aren’t out of the ordinary, but for some, gym accidents can cause more critical injuries, putting even the fittest of folk out of action for the foreseeable.

Rowing machine injuries: Beyond slips, trips and falls

Rowing machines are popular for gym enthusiasts who want to condition both their upper and lower body. With a sufficient induction, rowing machines also carry a low risk of sport-related injury, as the action of rowing is natural to the body.

So long as you are aware of your body’s capability and you adopt the correct posture while using the rowing machine, the risk of sustaining an injury from the rowing machine is low.

Although, should you experience a gym accident, forget slips, trips and falls on the treadmill, over-exercising on the rowing machine or using the equipment incorrectly can cause severe pain.

Common rowing machine injuries

The most common type of injury caused by the rowing machine is lower back pain.

It is advised that to minimise pain to this area, those who use rowing machines should add other elements into their exercise regime to prevent injury from overuse of the same muscle. Aerobic activity, swimming and weights are suitable to run alongside of rowing machine use.

Other rowing machine injuries include, but are not limited to:

  • Rib fractures due to pressure to the area
  • Hand blisters
  • Bursitis or joint pain
  • Shoulder sprains and strains

Injuries in the gym

Most gym injuries are caused by overuse, putting unnecessary strain on your body. With this in mind, there are times when accidents in the gym occur due to poor induction, in which you are not shown  how to properly use the equipment or the correct position to adopt. Incidents can also be caused by defective gym equipment.

In a case such as this, the gym or fitness centre that you attend may be responsible for any injury you have sustained. This is because the organisation has a legal responsibility to ensure your health and safety while you are using their facilities.

Public accidents: The next steps

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