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Just what is a Grade 4 sprained ankle?

If you have recently injured your ankle you may already know that there is a grading system in place to classify just how bad a sprain is. Traditionally, this grading system actually only goes up to three, so technically a Grade 4 sprained ankle does not actually exist. Here we take a look at what the sprained ankle grades mean, and how you may be able to make a claim for compensation.

What do sprained ankle grades mean?

As already stated, sprained ankles tend to be classified as either Grade 1, 2 or 3:

  • Grade 1: Mild – Minor stretching and/or microscopic tearing of the ligament fibres
  • Grade 2: Moderate – Partial tearing of the ligament
  • Grade 3: Severe – Complete tear of the ligament

Because a complete tear of the ankle ligament is as serious as a sprained ankle can get, there is no such thing as a Grade 4 sprained ankle. Nevertheless, if you have suffered a serious sprained ankle injury which you believe to be the fault of another party, you may have a good chance of making a no win no fee compensation claim with Accident Advice Helpline.

Why did you think you had a Grade 4 sprained ankle?

Perhaps you thought you had a Grade 4 sprained ankle simply because of how painful your injury is or was. If your ankle has been properly evaluated by a medical professional, they may or may not have actually given you the specifics of what grade your injury is. If they failed to do this, this could be the reason why you thought you had a Grade 4 sprained ankle when in fact that is not possible with the normal classification system for this injury.

However, the good news is that if you want to make a claim compensation, it is important that you received medical attention of some kind. This medical attention can form the basis of a compensation claim, so regardless of whether you were told what grade your injury was or not, being treated by medical professional is a good thing.

Free initial advice from Accident Advice Helpline

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