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What is the Grade 2 sprained ankle recovery time?

Have you ever had a sprained ankle? If you have, you’ll know it takes time to heal from this injury. A sprain refers to a tear of one of the ligaments that helps provide stability in the ankle joint (and indeed, in other joints in the body, too). If you see your GP or go to casualty with a suspected sprain, the injury will likely be confirmed and graded. You’re then able to tell how long it will take to recover. Here, we’ll find out more about the Grade 2 sprained ankle recovery time you might expect to go through.

A Grade 2 sprain is the second of three gradings given to these sprains. This usually refers to a more moderate sprain that is incomplete, as opposed to the Grade 3 which is complete. It represents a larger tear than would be the case with a Grade 1 sprain.

How long is Grade 2 sprained ankle recovery time likely to be?

If you take the time to allow your ankle to heal properly, you can expect to be back to normal within about four to six weeks. You should follow the RICE protocol to begin with. This stands for resting the ankle, icing it, compressing it (usually with a compression bandage) and elevating it to alleviate the swelling.

Staying off your ankle is imperative to start with, as this will give the ligaments time to heal properly. If you do this, the recovery time could be shorter. You may also notice some discomfort and stiffness when you first start walking on the ankle again, so it is wise to take your time and not try to do too much too quickly.

Is it possible to claim anything for a sprained ankle?

It depends on the cause. If negligence can be proven to have occurred on the part of someone else, then yes, it is possible a compensation claim may be successful. To find out for certain if you could claim for the Grade 2 sprained ankle recovery time you have been through (or are going through now), you just need to make a simple call.

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