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What to do when you get a puncture while driving

Getting a puncture whilst driving can be a frustrating experience, and a scary one, particularly if you are driving at high speed. But did you know that around 50% of punctures can be repaired quite cheaply, with no need to replace the tyre? So it’s important to pull over immediately as soon as you realise your vehicle has a puncture. Not only is driving further dangerous, it could also cause further irreparable damage to your tyre. If you know how to change a tyre yourself, you can do so, or call your breakdown repair service.

Changing a tyre

There are many things which could cause a puncture including potholes, clipping the kerb, or debris in the road such as glass or stones. If you get a puncture and do decide to change your tyre by yourself, the following tips will help:

  • Ensure you’re pulled over well away from traffic
  • Never change a tyre on the motorway hard shoulder
  • Get everyone out of the vehicle
  • Make sure the car is on even, hard ground
  • Never work under the car whilst it is raised by the jack

Controlling your car with a puncture

If you’re driving at high speed, a rear or front tyre blowout can be incredibly dangerous and could lead to an accident. If your rear tyre is punctured, don’t brake suddenly – this is the worst thing to do, especially if you’re travelling at more than 50mph. Try changing to a lower gear and accelerating briefly, then easing off the gas to prevent the car sliding to one side. If you have a front tyre puncture your car will pull heavily to one side, so you’ll need to counteract this by steering firmly. You can use the parking brake repeatedly to slow your speed down until you can safely stop.

Road accident compensation

If you’re involved in a road accident caused by someone else’s tyre blowout, you may be able to claim for compensation, if you can prove they were driving negligently. It’s a good idea to hire a professional personal injury compensation lawyer, and here at Accident Advice Helpline we have a whole team of specialist lawyers waiting to assist you with your claim. You can call us 24/7 on our freephone advice line for a confidential chat, and because we’re backed by our patron

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