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Where to get broken nose compensation advice

A broken nose can be incredibly painful and not a pretty sight to look at. If you have broken your nose in an accident which was not your fault you should get broken nose compensation advice to see whether you could make a claim for your painful injury.

Broken noses are a common injury resulting from sporting accidents, falling over or from being struck by an object. Doctors will tape and secure your nose but it may be difficult to breathe and you’re likely to be suffering from swelling and bruising. It can be hard going out in public after a broken nose especially with people staring and your confidence having taken a knock, just like your nose. If you have suffered a broken nose injury it can’t hurt to get some broken nose compensation advice.

How long does a broken nose take to heal?

A broken nose normally takes a few weeks to heal if there are no complications. The swelling and bruising should subside within a week or so. Some breaks leave victims with a misshapen nose which requires cosmetic surgery to fix.

If there is a breathing problem the NHS may provide and cover the cost of surgery but in cases where it is only deemed a cosmetic problem you could face a large bill for private surgery to correct your misshapen nose or you may just opt to live with it if you are worried about the surgery or the costs associated with surgery.

If you have a misshapen nose and would like surgery to fix it or have already had to pay out to get the procedure done, broken nose compensation advice may help you to recover the costs involved.

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You can also try our 30-second claim calculator to see whether you have a claim and what it could be worth. Your injury needs to have happened following an accident which wasn’t your fault and it needs to have taken place in the last three years. Any photographs or witnesses are useful and you must have sought medical attention.

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