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Did you have a fractured skull with bleeding on the brain?

A fractured skull occurs when someone receives a heavy blow to the head in an accident, or hits their head heavily, and the skull fractures as a result. However, few incidents like this will lead to a fractured skull with bleeding on the brain. This is more serious still, and requires urgent medical attention to ensure the person receives excellent medical care and can hopefully make a full recovery.

When bleeding occurs, it can cause a haematoma, which is the medical term for a blood clot that can happen inside your head. This causes pressure between the skull and the brain, and can lead to brain damage if it is not treated. Aside from a blood clot, the other possibility is a haemorrhage, which is heavy bleeding inside the head – and again, this requires urgent treatment.

How long would it take to recover from a fractured skull with bleeding on the brain?

It would depend on the extent of the bleeding, the treatment required, the extent of the fracture, and a variety of other elements. It’s obvious this injury can be severe, and while some may undergo treatment and make a full recovery, others might end up with brain damage that is either minor or severe – or anywhere in-between.

A head injury can happen in lots of ways, but every injury can be caused in one of two broad ways. For example, falling onto your head or hitting it in some other way is the first cause. The second might occur if something strikes you on the head, perhaps by falling onto you from above. Yet both instances can result in the same serious injury to the head.

What should you do if you are injured like this?

Once you have been treated and you are starting to recover, you will likely think back to what happened to you. Was there someone else involved who was negligent? Was your employer negligent in failing to protect you at work? Did someone cause a road accident in which you received your head injury?

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