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Foot injury claim

Have you ever needed to make a foot injury claim? Foot injuries happen in all kinds of ways, but knowing how you could develop a foot injury can help you avoid getting one to begin with. You may already know the symptoms of a foot injury if you have been unfortunate enough to suffer from one, but of course, the symptoms will vary according to the injury you’ve sustained.

For example, a broken bone in your foot will likely mean you cannot put any weight on it. You may also suffer from bruising and swelling. These symptoms can also occur with soft tissue injuries, though, so a proper diagnosis here is vital. This will mean a medical practitioner can start treating a foot injury depending on the symptoms they see and the diagnosis they make.

Different areas of the foot can get hurt

An injury may not simply occur to the main part of your foot, either. You could break a toe if something falls onto it, for example. This is why it is often important to wear steel toe-capped boots in some workplaces, where the possibility of this sort of thing happening is a risk. Mitigating that risk is done by providing safety boots to affected workers. If you believe you should have been given these boots for work and this did not happen, you could have cause to make a foot injury claim.

Of course, other accidents can happen that might lead to you suffering from a foot injury. Burns can be very painful and if you burn your foot, you may find it hard to walk. Burns can occur in lots of ways, and it is not always easy to tell whether a third party was responsible for how you sustained a burn. This applies to other injuries as well, such as cuts, bruises, crush injuries, and so on. Regardless of the injury, though, a foot injury claim might be made if you can prove another party caused that injury to occur to begin with.

Thinking about making a foot injury claim

A claim for a foot injury may result in receiving compensation. The amount given to anyone with a qualifying injury will depend on the injury they suffered. Additionally, the long-term effects of a foot injury will be considered. Some people may recover quickly, while others may be left with problems many months – if not years – after their accident.

There are basic guidelines lawyers use to determine the likely amount someone might receive if they suffer any injury. For example, there are guidelines that apply to injuries of the feet, depending on whether a toe is affected, and which toe it might be that is injured. The same applies with other foot injuries. A good rule of thumb is to remember that the more serious your injury is, and the longer it lasts for, the greater the sum of compensation could potentially be that you might receive.

You can see how a foot injury might result in some problems either in the short- or the long-term, depending on how bad the injury is. You may not be able to walk on it for a while, or you might be left with a limp. These are just two possibilities of the many that may result from such an injury. Some people suffer foot injuries and are then unable to work or to drive, or to walk any great distance. Some may need crutches, while others could be limited in many daily tasks. You simply never know what might happen.

Remember – we are here to help

It’s reasonable to want some advice about making a foot injury claim if you’ve been hurt within the last three years. The cost of claiming for a foot injury isn’t something to be concerned about, though – we provide no win no fee agreements to all the people we agree to help with a claim. So, it may be that making a foot injury claim is easier to cope with than you’d expect.

You should also remember that it is not necessary to make your claim immediately following the incident. This is why the three-year limit is generally imposed on these claims. This means you can focus on the injury and what you must do to recover from it. When you feel ready, you can give our helpful team a ring to find out more about the likelihood of making a claim yourself.

Getting justice for your injury

Claims can be settled in various time frames, but you will want to wait and see whether your injury fully resolves, or whether you need further treatment or suffer further problems. This means a successful claim will be granted the most appropriate sum in compensation, if your claim is indeed found in your favour. Our lawyers can explain more for you, so you understand the situation you are in and what will happen next. Suffice to say, there is no need to worry or be concerned, as we are on your side.

Accident Advice Helpline is regularly chosen by people just like you, to help with advice and possibly with making a claim, too. If you’re thinking of claiming for a foot injury, please call our team now on 0800 689 5659. This enables you to find out whether a claim could be possible, and if so, how much a successful claim might result in receiving in compensation as well.