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Flowchart personal injury claims

Most legal processes tend to be handled in a standard way. This may be because there are rules and regulations setting out how they should be handled, or it may be dictated by the conventions of what has to be proved. Personal injury claims also tend to be handled in a standard way. Although every case and every claimant is different, there is a general procedure that is followed in every case. Using a road traffic case handled by the well-established law firm, Accident Advice Helpline as an example, here is a flowchart illustrating the personal injury claims procedure.

Flowchart personal injury claims – At the scene of the accident

Once everyone is safely out of further danger and medical attention has been called (if needed) this stage of the process involves collecting information from the scene (photographs or plans may be useful) and exchanging contact details with everyone involved. Even if you are not suffering any immediate symptoms and your car appears undamaged it is important to do this.

Flowchart personal injury claims – Accident Advice Helpline 30-second test™

Accident Advice Helpline has a unique 30-second test™ that allows you to find out quickly and easily if you have grounds to make a claim. If the test shows that you do have grounds to claim then an advisor can guide you through the next step where you’ll need to provide some simple details about the accident and about your injuries

Flowchart personal injury claims – After the accident

If your symptoms appear after the accident then seek medical advice. You can also contact a claims provider at this stage; Accident Advice Helpline can be reached via their website or on their 24 hour hotline. Keep a note of all of the medical treatment that you have received and of all the medication (e.g. painkillers) that you have taken. You may need to provide details of this later on in your claim.

Flowchart personal injury claims – making a claim

The highly trained advisers at Accident Advice Helpline will put you in touch with a personal injury lawyer that they have selected for you from our extensive team of in-house lawyers. You will provide further details of the accident and of how your injuries are progressing to your lawyer. You may still be waiting to have surgery or further investigations or treatment (e.g. physiotherapy) at this stage. You will also provide details of money that you have lost (or are still losing) as a result of your injuries. Your lawyer will work for you on a no win no fee basis so you will not have to pay any up front legal costs.