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Are flip flops too dangerous to wear in the office?

In offices up and down the country, dress codes and uniform policies are the bane of many workers’ lives. However, it’s important to remember that regulations are often in place to stay safe and avoid accidents at work as well as helping to look the part.

Will wearing flip flops lead to an accident at work?

When it comes to health and safety in the workplace, what you wear on your feet can play a substantial part in keeping you free from workplace injuries.

Hidden dangers lurk around every office. Whilst it is obviously true that some industries and environments are riskier than others – construction site accidents, for example, account for a considerable majority of reported workplace accidents each year – each and every setting poses significant hazards to health.

Whether or not the wearing of flip flops is permitted is entirely dependent on your own company’s policy. In an indoor office environment, it is just as likely that the rules are in place for aesthetic reasons as much as for safety reasons.

So, are flip flops too dangerous to wear in the office? On the face of it, the immediate answer would be ‘no.’ After all, what harm can come from baring your feet in the plush surroundings of a modern office?

Well, the answer is more harm than you might think. Picture, for example, accidentally running over toes with a chair on wheels. Uncomfortable when wearing shoes, this scenario takes on an altogether more painful image if the victim is wearing flip flops.

They also offer a noticeably poorer grip on surfaces. This can lead to workplace injuries suffered as a result of falling down stairs or slips and trips.

Furthermore, spills can cause damage to bare feet. Whether this is boiling water splashing from a kettle or industrial spillages at work, there’s any number of accidents at work waiting to cause serious damage.

Having said that, any rules banning the wearing of flip flops are likely to have their reasoning as heavily based in aesthetics and professionalism as they do in concern for safety and well-being.

If you do suffer injuries at work, then it’s important to remember that you may well be due work accident compensation.

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