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Five sources of an electric shock in a hotel

Hotels should be the epitome of relaxation and luxury. Whether it’s for that well-deserved weekend getaway with that special someone in your life or an important business trip, we should at least expect to feel safe in a hotel and in the vast majority of cases we are. However, having dealt with accidents in all areas of personal injury compensation (including accidents on holiday) for many years, Accident Advice Helpline have amassed a unique insight into areas of potential harm. Here we look at five sources of an electric shock in a hotel.

  • Hairdryer – Most hotel bathrooms come equipped with a wall-mounted hairdryer for your convenience. However, we all know water and electricity don’t mix and it’s important not to have wet hands when operating a hairdryer as the consequences could be fatal.
  • Faulty wall outlet – Over the years, wall sockets can become loose or faulty due to excessive use. An electric shock from a wall outlet can be extremely dangerous. It’s important to notify the management if you find the power outlets to be in a state of disrepair.
  • Travel adapter – We’ve already mentioned the example above of a wall or power outlet being faulty but this can be exacerbated by the use of a travel adapter, perhaps one which was not designed for use with the electricity supply in the country of your stay. Be sure to check online for the correct type of adapter for the country in which you plan to stay.
  • Bedside lamps – As with power sockets, lighting and light switches may also fall into a state of disrepair over the years. Pay particular attention to bedside lamps which may be plugged in, as the cable can become frayed and cause a potentially lethal electric shock.
  • Television set – So you’ve been at your business seminar all day or savoured the sights and sounds of your host city, now it’s time to relax and unwind by watching some television. You notice something isn’t quite right with the set and begin to investigate yourself when all of a sudden, you receive a severe electric shock! It’s important to report a faulty television set to management or housekeeping and don’t be tempted to try and repair it yourself!

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