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Finger injury claim

Personal injuries caused by an accident can result in considerable physical harm and disruption to your life. Whether your accident occurred whilst out in the park, in your workplace or at the supermarket, if it someone else was to blame, then you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation. A finger injury is one such personal injury that may be entitled to compensation – find out more about making a finger injury claim in our guide below.

Common causes of finger injury

A finger injury may happen as a result of a slip or fall or perhaps a sporting injury. However the most common causes of a finger injury claim are work-related – for example if your work involves manual labour, the use of industrial machinery, or even prolonged use of a keyboard.

Vibration white finger is one such injury that may result in a finger injury claim. Aside from skin discolouration, vibration white finger can also cause numbness and a cold sensation alongside other symptoms, and should always be assessed by your GP. The condition is usually caused by hand-held power tools that have a vibrating motion – including drills, chainsaws and sanders – and in general, the more you are required to work with these tools, the greater the risk of incurring an injury.

How to make a finger injury claim

If your vibration white finger or any other finger injury has been caused by negligence on the part of your employer, then you may be entitled to make a claim. As long as the accident happened within the past three years and resulted in the need for medical attention, you should be eligible for compensation.

Employer negligence may include:

  • Lack of sufficient training or guidelines
  • Lack of safety equipment such as antivibration gloves
  • No provision of adequate breaks
  • Poorly maintained equipment

Your employer has a duty of care to you as an employee to protect you against injuries at work. If they fail in this duty, it is important to ensure they are held accountable through the compensation process. Compensation is in place to protect you, and your employer will be covered through their indemnity insurance. In many cases, it also results in preventative measures being taken which will ensure your colleagues do not go through a similar bad experience.

If you are suffering from vibration white finger, it is important to seek medical advice as soon as possible. You should also report your condition to your employer, who will be required to take note for health and safety purposes. The next stage is to make your finger injury claim with the help of a law firm such as Accident Advice Helpline, as we will ensure the process is as stress-free as possible for you as the claimant.

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