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What to do if you fell on dangerous stairs

We are often told to take the stairs rather than the lift, usually because it is safer and better for our health to do so. The extra exercise can certainly be a good thing, but that’s only if you are walking up or down a safe set of stairs. Not all stairs can be said to be safe, and if you fell on dangerous stairs at some point in the last three years, you will know this to be true.

Stairs are in place in all manner of buildings. You might use the stairs at your local gym, at the office or in another public building of some kind. While you will use them quite often, you won’t think too much about the condition of them. You’d expect them to be in good condition to make them safe to use.

The dangers of a fall

In this situation, falling on stairs that are deemed to be dangerous can be a nasty experience. If you fall down them, you could fall some distance and hurt yourself in several ways. Even if you fall up them you can trip and crack your knee, toes, ankle or hands on the stairs. Anything like this that causes you to lose your balance will be difficult to cope with.

Employers in buildings with stairs and people who own or manage buildings with stairs have a duty of care towards all those who may use them. They must make sure the stairs are always safe and never pose any undue risk to those in the building. For example, loose stair carpets should be dealt with promptly and replaced where necessary. If the stairs are made of concrete, they should be in good condition and not crumbling in any way, which could cause someone to lose their balance.

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