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Farming accident

If you’re an agricultural worker, you may have thought about how you could be involved in a farming accident easily through the course of your employment. It’s a scary thought isn’t it? Of course you’re working with tractors and machinery on a daily basis, as well as chemicals and fertilizers, not to mention a range of unpredictable animals.

The variety of injuries that could be sustained from a farming accident is quite breath-taking, and here at Accident Advice Helpline, we’d like to think we’ve seen them all, unfortunately that probably isn’t the case. Just when we think we’ve dealt with something pretty nasty, another client comes along and tells us their story of how they came to be injured too. While we wish everyone was capable of staying safe whilst working on a farm, it’s our job to find compensation for those of our clients who have suffered a farming accident and want to make a claim against the person liable.

Being aware of danger

Nobody goes to work on a farm without understanding the dangers of livestock on a farm or the dangers of machinery on a farm, do they? In many cases you need training and licences to work with machinery. Yet, every day we see instances where there has been no training, and where safety protocols have been completely ignored. Negligence and carelessness are at the heart of most accidents that we see, among workers and visitors to farms alike. People seem to ignore the dangers of vehicles on a farm too, perhaps imagining a world full of soft fields and fluffy clouds, forgetting that cars and machinery can injure and maim for life.

Making your claim with Accident Advice Helpline

If you are wondering who is liable for a farming accident, because you want to make a claim for the injuries you have received, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Accident Advice Helpline we know exactly how to claim for a farming accident because we have done just that, many hundreds of times. We’ve worked with clients just like you, who need assistance to make a claim against an employer or a colleague after suffering a farm accident.

Can you afford to claim?

The question is not so much ‘can you afford to claim, but more, can you afford not to? The cost of claiming for a farming accident is far less than you might imagine, if you come to Accident Advice Helpline. We offer no win no fee for all of our clients, meaning that if we lose your case, you won’t have any legal fees to pay. In addition, there’s no set-up fees for your claim, so you won’t be out of pocket when you get started.

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