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I had a fall at work and want injury compensation

Slips, trips and falls are the main causes of injury at work and we at Accident Advice Helpline receive calls regarding compensation for these every day. If you have had a fall at work and you feel that it was not your fault, then here are the steps you can take to receive appropriate injury compensation.

Injury compensation: Slips, trips and falls

The most common causes of falls at work are spillages, obstructions at doorways or pathways and damaged flooring. Falling at work can cause a minor injury, but it can also be very serious, especially if the flooring is concrete or there is working machinery around. For example, you may work in a large factory where you could fall in front of a fork lift truck if you are not properly trained of how much room to leave surrounding it. Unfortunately, improper training and improper instruction is often the reason behind a fall at work and your employer is liable to pay you monetary compensation should you suffer because of their negligence.

Was your fall at work preventable?

Some situations cannot be foreseen, such as tripping over a box which is not obstructing walkways or slipping on a spillage which has been clearly signed. These cases are more difficult to make an injury compensation claim for as there is no negligence as such; only clumsiness is to blame. Remember that the fault must lie with your employer; did someone report a spillage that was not signed and cleaned up promptly? Did you trip over a box that was left in a pathway or obstructing a doorway? Improper training may be to blame in these instances and the employer is responsible for this. All spillages must be cleaned as soon as possible to prevent accidents and, until they have been cleaned, someone must stay nearby to warn others. In the case of equipment lying around, boxes and other objects must be stored away from pathways and doorways. These are just some examples of what can cause a fall at work but there are many more reasons why you may have grounds for an injury compensation claim.

How can I get injury compensation?

You do not need to suffer in silence if you feel that your employer should have taken better care of your health and safety as well as others’. Give us a call on our freephone number to speak to an advisor who will be able to tell you if you can follow through with an injury compensation claim. We will not charge you any upfront fee’s and all of our solicitors work on a no win no fee basis.