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Facts About Personal Injury Claims

Some useful information and facts about personal injury claims

For the most part personal injury claims run more or less the way they should. You have an accident which you feel is not your fault and you consult a lawyer to seek advice. After a while they take your claim forward and with luck you receive compensation for your injuries. But what happens if the final figure you receive is not enough or is less than you were expecting. The following article will give you some useful information and facts about personal injury claims.

Personal injury compensation claims

One of the problems with personal injury law is that there are some wild expectations about what people might receive. Often these are fueled by stories of people who have suffered minor injuries somewhere and been awarded huge sums of money. But more often than not these stories are more fiction than fact, so it pays to be able to tell the difference.

In the real world, compensation is set in a very reasonable way. Before you can claim you must demonstrate to the full satisfaction of the court that the accident was not your fault and that the injuries have had a measurably negative affect on your life. Furthermore, you will then also have to prove that the accident was the fault of the defendant – as the claimant it is up to you to prove fault rather than the other way around.

About your claim

If the court finds in your favour they will calculate your compensation based on what they really think it has cost you. This will include a figure for the injury itself, but there will also be a secondary figure for the financial costs that have resulted because of the injury. These are both tangible costs such as petrol money getting you to and from the hospital or less tangible such as money you would have received – for instance through earnings had you not been injured.

Making a complaint

It may well be that you may not be happy with the final settlement figure. If that happens then it may well be that you are entitled to make a claim from your own lawyer if it’s proven that they misrepresented your best interests. This is a difficult thing to prove and you will have to show that they were negligent in failing to get the full amount for your claim.

Often these types of secondary claims are down to poor expectations. People think their claim is worth more than it is. This is why at Accident Advice Helpline we offer a 30-second test™. This gives you a rough but realistic idea of what you might get at the end of this whole process. Try out our 30-second test™ now by logging onto You can also speak directly to our team on 0800 689 5659, and get some more facts about personal injury claims.