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Exaggerating personal injury claims

Exaggerating personal injury claims?

Who would think of exaggerating personal injury claims? Is it likely such a thing is possible? The personal injury claims market sector is growing. This is partly to be expected, both because individuals are more aware of their rights and because human society is increasingly busy. As we approach an economic upturn in the UK, business and commercial activity will also expand and therefore the possibility of accidents will grow with it. Some classes of claim are more vulnerable to exaggeration than others. It’s hard to fake a broken leg. On the other hand some kinds of whiplash injury are hard to prove, because damage to soft tissue does not show up on X-ray. Britons are accused by continentals of having “the weakest necks in Europe” because of the high volume of whiplash claims that go through every year. The vehicle insurance industry is calling for more stringent tests on whiplash claims.


That said, would-be fraudsters shouldn’t assume it’s any easier to pull a fast one on the insurance industry than it is on the benefits system. They usually get caught, sooner or later. There’s a reason for the independent medical test when a claimant seeks to file a compensation claim. The independent medical examiners have no axe to grind. They merely give an accurate and fair report of the victim’s medical condition. In some cases, second opinions may be sought.

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If you have been the victim of a non-fault accident, take expert advice about how to prepare for your claim. You can talk to a professional advisor at Accident Advice Helpline on our 24/7 helpline and find out what you need to know if you are to prove your case. The numbers are 0800 689 5659.

Take note

You should keep all your medical records, above all your initial medical report. In any non-fault accident, even if you are not in pain at the time but you think you might have suffered an injury, you should seek medical advice right away. On top of your pain and suffering, and the inconvenience of being off work, you would not want anyone to accuse you of exaggerating personal injury claims. Talk to us today.