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European accident claim form

A trip to Europe is a very popular choice for a getaway. Travelling there by car and motoring around is even better. The choice of destinations is endless and a car gives you the freedom and flexibility to take in the sights at your own pace. Europe’s roads are generally very safe but this does not mean that they are immune from accidents.

Many British tourists are injured on European roads and highways in accidents that were not their own fault. Any car accident is a lot of hassle but dealing with an accident outside of the UK is even worse. European accident claims are likely to involve you having to fill out a European accident claim form which is also known as a European Accident Statement. Carrying a copy of this form with you on your travels through Europe is a good idea. If you are getting worried or stressed about having to fill in a European accident claim form then this guidance will help.

Vehicle details

The form requires details of the vehicles involved in the collision – usually two vehicles. The make, type, registration numbers and country of registration of both vehicles must be recorded along with the insurance details. The chassis number and power of the vehicle is also required. Alongside this there are details about the drivers of the two vehicles. Their names, dates of birth and addresses will need to be entered. There is also a requirement to add their driver’s licence details and to state when the licences will expire. Both drivers have to fill in a diagram indicating the area on the cars which were damaged.

Accident details

The form also requires some details about the accident. There are a series of tick boxes where you can indicate the manoeuvres and location of the vehicles at the time of the accident. They include:

  • If the vehicle was parked or stopped, or if the door was being opened
  • If the vehicle was entering a parking space or entering a car park
  • If the vehicle was entering or circulating a roundabout
  • If both vehicles were in the same lane and going in the same direction, this would include the classic rear-end shunt
  • If the vehicle was reversing

Making a claim

Many people choose to seek professional help with filling out a European accident claim form and with making a claim for compensation. One company with a great deal of experience over 10 years of making claims for European accidents is Accident Advice Helpline. You can even contact us whilst you are still in Europe if you want to. We will give you all the advice and support that you need at this difficult time and allocate a European claims specialist personal injury lawyer to your case.

Our helpline numbers are 0800 689 5659.