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Are employers liable for an injury if I work from home?

Technology has made it possible for increasing numbers of people to work from home. Unfortunately, this can cause confusion if you sustain a work related injury at home.

The basics

In essence, whether your employer’s liability insurance covers your work accident or not depends on the type of contract, implied, spoken or written, you have with them. Even individuals considered as self-employed for tax purposes may be covered by employers’ insurances, depending on the relationship they have with them.

General conditions for coverage

Generally speaking, a person injured at work while working from home is covered by their employer’s insurance if the employer:

  • Deducts income tax and national insurance from their pay
  • Has the right to determine where, when and how they work
  • Supplies equipment and work materials
  • Has the right to any profits made by the person

or, in the case that the employee is:

  • required to provide the work or service him or herself and may not employ a third-party to do the work when unable to do it
  • generally treated like any other employee

General conditions against coverage

There may be no coverage by an employer’s insurance if the individual that sustained a work injury:

  • Works for more than a single customer, like an independent contractor, for example
  • Supplies equipment and materials required to do the work
  • Is clearly in business for his/her own benefit
  • Can employ substitutes when unable to do the work, and if
  • The person or company the individual injured in a working accident does not deduct tax and national insurance from their pay

Unpaid students, volunteers and people participating in adult/youth training or work experience programmes may or may not be covered, depending on their employers’ arrangement with their liability insurance.

Getting advice

Should you become injured while working from home, you may have doubts whether you are entitled to claim for work injury compensation. If this is the case, you need to speak to someone with plenty of experience of handling  work accident and injury claims..

Accident Advice Helpline, established in 2000, has professional advisers and a superlative legal team with all the necessary experience to assist you with well informed, helpful advice.

Contacting Accident Advice Helpline

You can contact our law firm via a freephone number any time of day, any day of the year. Give us a call on 0800 689 5659 and find out whether you are entitled to industrial injury compensation. Calls are confidential and obligation-free, although you will be offered the services of an in-house solicitor if your claim eligibility is confirmed.