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Electric shock accident claims

If you’re wondering whether or not it’s possible to make an electric shock accident claim, you’ll be pleased to hear that the answer is usually yes.

As long as you’ve received professional medical attention and less than three years have elapsed since the accident occurred, and as long as the accident wasn’t your fault, you should have a valid claim.

Accident Advice Helpline is here to help you clear up any uncertainties, and appraise your legal situation, before you decide what to do. You can call us whenever it’s convenient and it won’t cost you a thing.

Who is to blame?

If nobody else it to blame for your accident, there may be nothing that can be done, but in many circumstances there is a responsible party. If a faulty electrical appliance injures you, the manufacturer or the retailer of a repair company may be at fault. If you receive a shock due to poor maintenance in a public place or private property, your local council or the owner may be responsible. At work, your employer has a duty to protect you. All these possibilities can be taken into consideration when you propose making an electric shock accident claim.

Getting help

Accident Advice Helpline isn’t just there to provide information. If you want us to, we can also help you to make a claim. We have a large number of lawyers right across the UK and we can provide one who has experience in dealing with electric shock claims. You can then work with your lawyer to build up your case.

Electric shock injuries don’t always leave visible marks, but if you have external burns or scarring, it’s worth getting pictures that can be used to demonstrate the extent of your suffering. It’s also helpful if you can collect the details of any witnesses to you receiving the shock. Your solicitor will be able to take formal statements from them.

When you make a claim with us, we use a no win no fee system. This means that you won’t need lots of money up front in order to be confident of getting good legal representation. It also means we have an extra reason to work hard on your claim, as we won’t get paid if the case is lost.

Winning compensation

A successful compensation claim can make life a lot easier. As well as providing you with some money to help you feel better, it can cover things like lost wages and expenses incurred as a result of your injuries. If you have to travel or get private medical treatment because of your accident, let us know and we may be able to claim back the cost for you.

If you are left with lasting disabilities because of the shock you received, compensation can cover the cost of adaptations designed to make things easier for you at home. It can help to put you back in control of your life.

So for expert legal advice about a possible claim call Accident Advice Helpline today on: 0800 689 5659.