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Elbow injury claim

When you suffer an injury, either at work, on the road or even when you’re out and about, it can be difficult to anticipate the struggles you may face as a result. Your injury could leave you out of work, which can have a devastating impact on your finances. The long term effects of an elbow injury, for example, could not only put you out of work but could affect your ability to drive, look after your children and even to carry out tasks around your home. Elbow injuries could include broken bones, muscle, joint, tendon or ligament injuries, and all have the potential to be debilitating. If you have injured your elbow and somebody else was to blame for your accident, then Accident Advice Helpline could help you to make an elbow injury claim, provided it has been three years or less since your accident.

How did you injure your elbow?

Perhaps you slipped on a wet floor in the office at work and hit your elbow as you fell, suffering a fracture at the elbow joint. Maybe you injured your elbow in a particularly rough tackle whilst playing rugby (that the referee should have broken up) or perhaps you have suffered an elbow injury in a road traffic accident. Elbow injuries have the potential to be complex and they can take time to heal, particularly if you have suffered a fracture at the joint. Tendinitis is another common cause of elbow pain and can be caused by overuse or repetitive use of the elbow, for example activities involving bending and lifting.

Although some elbow injuries will require surgery, many can be cared for at home with painkillers, rest and ice packs. It’s best to seek medical attention after your accident anyway though, to ensure that your injuries are properly assessed. If you later decide to make a personal injury claim, you’ll need to provide evidence that you sought medical treatment after your accident.

Coping with the aftermath of an accident

How you could develop an elbow injury may not even cross your mind as you go about your daily activities, but should the unexpected happen, you’ll need to know that there is help available to you to get the compensation you deserve following your accident. The aftermath of any accident can be a difficult time for you and your family, and making an elbow injury claim may be the last thing on your mind. The symptoms of an elbow injury could leave you suffering an incredible amount of pain and discomfort. You could be faced with little mobility, and even writing or using a mobile phone could prove to be an enormous effort, let alone showering or preparing food. Treating an elbow injury takes time and patience, and following initial treatment there is sure to be some rehabilitation and physiotherapy involved.

As the recovery process could take several months, you should use this time to contact a personal injury solicitor to help you make a claim. You can claim compensation not only for your pain and suffering, but also for any losses and expenses you have suffered, for example if you have taken time off work after injuring your elbow, then loss of earnings will form an important part of your elbow injury claim for compensation. If you have spent a considerable amount of money travelling to and from the nearest hospital for treatment or physiotherapy then you could claim compensation for your travel expenses.

Claiming compensation for an elbow injury with Accident Advice Helpline

By contacting Accident Advice Helpline, you can benefit from help in getting compensation which could enable you to get back on your feet following your accident. You must be able to demonstrate that the accident was not your fault and that your injuries were caused as a result of that accident.

The process of making a claiming for an elbow injury is not as complicated or lengthy as you may believe. With a law firm like Accident Advice Helpline, the entire claims process is managed on your behalf by one of our experienced agents, who will be more than happy to take on your claim. The good news is that it’s unlikely you will have to go to court, as most injury claims can be processed in full over the phone. There’s no need to lose sleep over the cost of claiming for an elbow injury either, as Accident Advice Helpline’s professional personal injury lawyers work on a no win no fee basis. This means that you do not need any money to start your claim, and with just one call to us, we could get the ball rolling on your claim today.

Are you eligible to make an elbow injury claim?

Provided you can prove that the accident leading to your elbow injury was someone else’s fault and took place within the last three years, there is a strong chance your claim will be accepted by us. It’s also vital that you sought medical attention after your accident, as unfortunately, if you did not receive medical treatment for your injuries, then we will be unable to help you make a personal injury claim. We want to ensure a fair, accessible claims process for all accident victims, which is why we offer our services on a no win no fee basis. When you get in touch with Accident Advice Helpline, our expert advisors will be happy to answer any questions that you have about the claims process and offer advice on a no-obligation basis, so it is completely up to you whether or not you wish to proceed with a personal injury claim at all times. If somebody else was responsible for your accident then you deserve to be compensated, and you don’t have to suffer in silence.

Why not call our Freephone number on 0800 689 5659, to find out if you could make a claim after your accident. If you’d like an idea of how much compensation you could be entitled to claim then you can take the 30-second test™ on our website right now, and this will give you a rough idea of what you could receive if your personal injury claim is successful.