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Ear injury

If you work with very loud machinery, or in any sort of environment where the noise levels are high, you may be wondering how you could develop an ear injury and you may even be concerned about your own hearing.

You may have started to have concerns because you feel that you are developing the symptoms of an ear injury such as a loss of hearing or a continual buzzing or a ringing sound in your ears. You may have noticed that you are struggling to hear conversations, especially if there is a lot of background noise. You may be finding that you need to turn up the TV or radio so that you can hear it properly.

What happens when you have an ear injury?

As soon as you suspect that your hearing is deteriorating you should go and see your family doctor. They will be able to send you for some tests to assess your hearing and will discuss how they go about treating an ear injury with you. It may not be possible to restore your hearing, as some of the damage that loud noises cause to the delicate structures of the ear is irreversible. However, there may be several devices available which can help you.

The long term effects of an ear injury can end up being quite expensive. You may need specialist treatment and equipment and it may affect your ability to work and, therefore, to earn money. If you suspect that your hearing loss was the fault of someone else, for example your employer, you may be able to start a personal injury claim and get some compensation.

Claiming for an ear injury with the help of Accident Advice Helpline

Here at Accident Advice Helpline we have a large team of lawyers and we will be able to allocate you a personal injury lawyer with the skills and experience to help you start claiming for an ear injury. We will initially assess your case to ensure that your claim stands a good chance of being successful and then we can get things started as soon as you are ready. The time scales for claiming for industrial illnesses, such as noise-induced hearing loss, are quite flexible. However, it is always a good idea to get started on your claim as soon as you can. Claims that are started straight away after diagnosis have the best chance of being successful as all the records and witnesses are easier to trace.

If you are concerned about the cost of claiming for an ear injury – don’t be! You can start your claim with Accident Advice Helpline on a no win no fee basis. All you have to do is call us on 0800 689 5659 from a land line or on phone to find out more.