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Driving Irriations: What Gets Drivers Fuming

91% of people admit that they find themselves getting irritated by other drivers on the road and a massive 57% find themselves getting distracted by other drivers. Younger drivers find that their driving is affected by others more than older drivers with 80% of those 18-24 years old saying it’s affected compared to just 59% of those over 55 years of age.

For a full PDF of age split results click here.

When on the road over 6 in 10 people agree that their own driving is affected by other drivers, and 32% of people find that they won’t drive as safely because of the other drivers on the road.

The top six things which people found annoying when driving was: Tailgating (77%), Drivers who don’t signal (72%), People texting and driving (57%), drivers who leave their full beams on (55%) and parking over two spaces (55%).

Hidden speed cameras is cited as an annoyance by 28% of people but it seemed more annoying to drivers from West Midlands (37%) and the North East (33%) compared to people from Northern Ireland where only 19% of drivers cited it as an annoyance.


For a full PDF of regional split results click here.

Men seem to be affected more by lane hogging as 58% of men cited it as annoying when driving compared to 49% of women. In contrast women seem to find fast drivers more annoying than men with 45% of women finding it annoying compared to just 35% of men.

Women seem to care more about manners with 52% of ladies finding drivers who don’t say thank you annoying compared to 42% of men.

For a full PDF of gender split results click here.

60% of people believe that they have had a ‘near miss’ or accident because of another road user, while 8% of drivers believe they have had a ‘near miss’ or accident due to their own road rage.


The most common things which people found annoying when driving were:

  • Tailgating: 77%
  • Drivers who don’t signal: 72%
  • People texting and driving: 57%
  • Drivers who leave their full beams on: 55%
  • Parking over two spaces: 55%
  • Lane hoggers: 54%
  • Slow drivers: 52%
  • Drivers who don’t say thank you: 47%
  • People who go through red lights: 44%
  • Drivers who use the empty lane to get to the front of a queue of traffic and cut in: 44%
  • Cyclists who go through red lights: 42%
  • Fast Drivers: 40%
  • Traffic Jams: 40%
  • Parking over an angle so you can’t park next to them: 40%
  • Drivers who don’t stop at zebra crossings: 39%


  • Road Works: 37%
  • People who fly past you when one lane is shut and try and squeeze in half a mile ahead of you when you’ve been patiently waiting in the queue: 36%
  • When lorries overtake over lorries and cause a massive tailback: 36%
  • Cyclists who ride on the road when there are purpose built cycle lanes right nearby: 36%
  • Drivers who undertake: 35%
  • People who sit in the far right lane when they aren’t overtaking: 34%
  • Lane changers: 32%
  • Breaking suddenly: 32%
  • Sunday drivers: 31%
  • Rubber neckers/slowing down traffic to look at an accident: 29%
  • Drivers who don’t wear seatbelts: 29%
  • Hidden speed cameras: 28%
  • Getting trapped behind a bus/tractor: 27%
  • Drivers who never let anyone out: 26%
  • Drivers of white vans who think they’re Lewis Hamilton and do 100mph in the fast lane: 26%
  • People who change their speed really erratically: 25%


  • When you catch all the red lights: 25%
  • Drivers who refuse to overtake something slow like a cyclist or horse: 22%
  • Hesitant drivers who won’t pull out of a turning even though you have flashed your lights eight times and waved them out three times 22%
  • Drivers with loud music and the windows down: 21%
  • Speed traps: 21%
  • People who have their fog lights on in the summer: 21%
  • Drivers who leave their signal on: 20%
  • Average speed cameras: 20%
  • Dithering at junctions: 19%
  • 50mph signs on the motorway: 19%
  • Drivers who beep: 18%
  • Drivers who ‘rev’ at traffic lights: 17%
  • Drivers who stop to let cars through despite there being plenty of room: 17%
  • People who pull away really slowly: 17%
  • Drivers who keep stopping to let people out: 16%


  • People who drive at 60mph in the middle lane and get the hump when you undertake them at 70mph in the slow lane: 16%
  • People who turn into roads really slowly: 15%
  • Drivers who take too long to park: 14%
  • When you change lane in traffic because the other lane is going quicker – and lane you change into stops dead: 13%
  • Empty bus lanes/two-passenger lanes during busy traffic: 11%
  • People who have sports cars and drive like pensioners: 9%
  • Having to stop for petrol: 7%
  • When motorway traffic is too stop-start to use cruise control: 7%
  • Pensioners who drive sports cars: 5%
  • People with terrible music taste getting hold of the stereo: 4%
  • Not being able to remember which side of the car your petrol cap is on: 4%