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Driving Instructor Accident Claim

An accident on the road at work can come in many forms, depending on the type of job that a person actually does. A driving instructor accident claim covers accidental personal injury claims for driving instructors. As a driving instructor it can be part and parcel of the job to be hit from behind or get into a scrape that is not the instructor’s fault. This can result in injuries such as whiplash or pulled muscles, to severe bruising or even worse.

Knowing how to approach the process of claiming for accidental injury is something that our personal injury lawyers at Accident Advice Helpline will help with.

There are various circumstances that could surround the cause and effect of an accident for a driving instructor. It may be that the instructor themselves is involved in an accident on the road as a result of another driver’s poor judgement or negligent actions. This is much the same as making an accidental injury claim for a road accident, but with the added concerns of it being an accident at work.

When pursuing a claim with circumstances such as those mentioned above it is advisable to speak to our accidental injury specialists who will guide the claimant through the whole process and ease any worries that a person may have by using the free advice that we offer from our 24-hour helpline.

Learner drivers

Another more common driving instructor injury claim is an injury that has occurred while the instructor is teaching a pupil. It is a sad fact that some drivers lack patience and will not act in a rational manner when they are in a hurry, and it is this kind of driver that can cause accidents for learners.

Learners are still refining their skills and do not have the reflexes to react to certain unpredictable actions. This type of accident can be the cause of severe bruising, whiplash, or even fatalities. Mental trauma can also be experienced after being involved in serious traffic accidents. If a person is an instructor then they are not only a victim of the accident, but also a credible witness to the actions which caused the accident. This can greatly assist our expert lawyers to run the case efficiently and with as little stress for the victims of the accident as possible.

In all cases, seeking medical help as soon as possible is an obvious and necessary step to take. The medical records of the injury will help our specialist injury lawyers to initiate the personal injury claim.

For further information do not hesitate to utilise our offer of free legal advice by phoning our 24/7 helpline and speak to our friendly and helpful staff who will answer any questions a person may have. All claims are pursued on a no win no fee basis, meaning that if a person doesn’t win their claim, they do not have to pay a penny in solicitor fees. No money is needed to start the claim process.