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Driver who ignored a red light smashed into a taxi

A court in Stoke-on-Trent has heard how Sean Walton ignored a red light while driving a stolen car and smashed into a taxi as a result. The accident led to the taxi rolling onto its roof. The driver and passenger were both injured in the accident and the passenger found herself held in place by her seat belt. Mr Walton ran from the scene of the accident but was later caught after his DNA was found on the airbag in the stolen car, which had gone off at the moment of impact.

The court heard how a businessman’s car had been stolen by a man two days before the accident occurred. While the witness saw the thief was a man there was no evidence to make it clear that the defendant was the thief. However he was driving the car two days later when the accident happened. He pleaded guilty to dangerous driving along with three other offences, including aggravated vehicle-taking. He was subsequently sent to prison for 12 months at the conclusion of the case. Fortunately neither of the people in the taxi was seriously injured, although they did sustain injuries.

How serious is dangerous driving?

This is a very serious offence and one that may result in injuries been sustained to other people. As we have seen in this case the resulting smash was quite serious. It was fortunate no one was killed. However the taxi driver suffered a sore neck, back and knee, while the passenger was subsequently off work for a few days while recovering from her injuries. Thankfully nothing worse than this happened and the guilty man was caught and jailed for the offences. Dangerous driving can lead to fatal consequences for innocent people in some situations.

Source: Stoke Sentinel