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Dog bite compensation amount

No one can actually predict what a dog bite compensation amount would be, nor could anyone predict what any other compensation amount would be. That is because all accidents are unique and result in different injuries which can be minor through to fatal. If a young child were scarred for life after a dog bite, for example, they could receive a large amount of compensation because of the disfigurement. If a postman was nipped on the ankle by a corgi, he would not receive as much compensation.

Dog bite compensation amount

Most people in the UK do not think about a dog bite compensation amount because people such as postmen have been suffering from dog bites at work for years and are the subject of numerous jokes. However, people who have dangerous dogs, and even family pets (which may be dangerous animals), should have them properly trained. Even if a dog has been trained, it could still bite a stranger for any number of reasons, and it could launch an unprovoked attack.

Who would you claim compensation from?

The owner of the animal is responsible for its control and behaviour, so you can claim for a dog bite compensation amount from the owner. The Animals Act 1971 clearly defines the animal’s keeper as responsible for the animal. That person could be its owner or the person who should be in control of it at the time of the bite. Dog bite personal injury compensation claims are complicated and you would need a specialist personal injury solicitor to deal with your case.

Accident Advice Helpline

If you have been bitten by a dog, or have been involved in any other type of accident for which you were not to blame, and have had the accident within the last three years, then you could be entitled to file a personal injury compensation claim. If you have been diagnosed with a work-related illness or occupational disease in the last three years, you may also have grounds to file such a claim.

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