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Do you need crutches for a sprained ankle injury?

Have you ever sprained your ankle? If you have, and it happened quite recently, you may know that crutches for a sprained ankle can help you get around when you can’t put your weight on it. Crutches are more likely to be given to you by the local hospital if you go for an x-ray following a bad sprain. They’ll likely tell you to keep your weight off your ankle completely for a few days, to allow the healing process to begin.

So, you may not always need crutches for this injury, but since resting and recuperating will be very important to help you achieve the best recovery, you can often benefit from using them.

Why keep your weight off the ankle at all?

In truth, if you have experienced a Grade 3 sprain to your ankle, you won’t be able to bear weight on it at all. This is the most severe sprain you can experience, when the affected ligament tears completely. It tends to lead to immediate swelling and bruising will also develop in the affected area. You may not be able to get around at all without the aid of crutches when you find yourself in this situation.

When the injury is this bad, an x-ray will usually be ordered by whoever you see for treatment. This is because the injury is typically able to mimic the symptoms suffered by someone with a broken ankle, so you should be able to distinguish which injury you have.

Crutches can help you get back on your feet again

Following medical advice with a sprained ankle, crutches, rest and elevation will all help you get on the road to recovery. It’s also good to follow the right advice if you’re thinking about any possibility of claiming compensation for your injury. In that case, calling a professional legal team makes a lot of sense, and this is where we can help.

Accident Advice Helpline is available for no-obligation advice whenever you need it most. Ring our team on 0800 689 5659. Whatever you decide to do, see if you can claim compensation for your ankle sprain by getting proper legal advice to see if one of our lawyers could support you in a claim.