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Do you have dislocated shoulder pain years later?

A dislocated shoulder is very painful and is normally accompanied by a change in the way your shoulder looks. It must be put back into position by medical experts – something that is done under anaesthetic. This may mean a local anaesthetic or you could be knocked out and taken to theatre for the procedure. It’s not out of the question to have dislocated shoulder pain years later, long after the original injury took place.

If you are in this position now, you might be thinking back to how the injury happened. A heavy fall can lead to a dislocation, as can a car accident if the force of the impact is enough for the shoulder to pop out of place when you are held in position by the seat belt.

What should you do if you have dislocated shoulder pain years later?

Firstly, a visit to your GP might be a good idea. They can investigate the pain, examine your shoulder and perhaps provide some treatment advice and support. Very often, exercising your shoulder can help strengthen it again. Additionally, there could be damage to ligaments, tendons and muscles within the shoulder, and it could be these that are causing you trouble.

Whatever the case might be for you, it is important to think about your options regarding compensation. If someone else caused the accident that led to your dislocated shoulder, you might still have time to claim if you haven’t done so already. If a claim has already been settled, you won’t be able to claim again. However, you do have three years in which to claim if you haven’t done so yet, so there could still be time to find out more.

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