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Dislocated big toe

What is a dislocated big toe?

A dislocated big toe is very different to other toe injuries such as a broken toe or sprained toe. In some cases, a big toe can be reset in place very quickly and may return to normal in a very short space of time. Prompt treatment of some big toe injuries can even give immediate positive results.

A dislocated big toe describes a toe injury where the bones of the toe become displaced or misaligned, usually as a result of an injury.  After any injury, swelling or pain, seeking treatment gives you the best chance of making a full and speedy recovery. If the big toe is immediately reset, you may not need any further assistance, but if you suffer a big toe that is out of place for more than a few hours, you would be advised to have your toe reset by a doctor.

What can cause a dislocated big toe?

A dislocated big toe can be caused by unexpected and direct causes such as a sporting injury, or from a more protracted activity, such as walking with an uneven pressure on one part of your foot over a course of months or years.  Repetitive actions such as ballet or football can put a great deal of strain on a big toe, particularly if the activity involves a large amount of turning and twisting on the spot.

What are the symptoms of a dislocated big toe?

It can be difficult to tell the difference between a broken big toe, a sprained big toe or a dislocated big toe. The symptoms of all three can be fairly similar, being defined by swelling and pain. In all of these injuries, you may experience difficulty walking and there will be a significant amount of bruising.  But if you have a serious loss of movement in your big toe or you notice a deformity in the shape of your foot or toe, you may have a dislocated big toe.  If you do have loss of movement or a deformity, do seek medical attention, as this could indicate further problems to bones within your foot.

Dislocated toe treatment

Treatment for a dislocated big toe can range from very simple – involving manipulating your own toe back into place – to medical treatment by a podiatrist or doctor. If your toe is reset by a doctor, it is likely to be secured to its neighbour toe for support. You are then likely to be advised to use rest, ice and elevation until your toe mends. You are also likely to be prescribed a number of toe exercises to strengthen the toe tissues.

Claiming compensation

If your disclocated toe was as a result of an accident that was someone else’s fault, you may be able to claim compensation.

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