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The different sprained ankle grades explained

Have you sprained your ankle recently? Were you given a grade for the injury? Sprained ankle grades are given to every injury of this type, and the grade indicates how bad the injury is. A Grade 1 sprain indicates a minor tear that makes the ankle feel tender and causes some swelling.

Meanwhile, a Grade 2 sprain indicates a moderate injury. This will include a partial tear that will cause pain, swelling and tenderness. It is worse than a Grade 1 sprain but not as bad as a Grade 3. The Grade 3 sprain indicates a complete tear of one or more ligaments. The tenderness and swelling will be significant in this instance, and it is very likely the person won’t be able to put any weight on their ankle at all.

How useful are sprained ankle grades?

They’re very useful because they indicate how bad a sprain is. They also point towards the most appropriate treatment in each case. Following the RICE recommendation is very important in the early stages as the rest, ice, compression and elevation formula will help reduce the pain and swelling caused by a sprain.

Keeping your weight off the affected ankle is a good idea as it will let the ligament heal. Obviously, the more severe the grading, the longer the injury will take to heal. Crutches are also often given to those who have a sprained ankle. The length of time these are needed for will be gauged by your doctor.

How did you sprain your ankle to begin with?

The way your sprain occurred is worth considering because if it wasn’t your fault you could claim compensation for the injury. Accident Advice Helpline has concluded cases before that involved sprained ankles, and where there was evidence of negligence, the chances of concluding the cases successfully was far greater.

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