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How you could develop a nose injury

A nose injury can be painful and have an effect on your appearance too. An accident is the main cause of a nose injury, and if you were not responsible for causing it, you may be able to claim compensation. There are a number of ways how you could develop a nose injury.

How accidents can injure you

A common accident is slipping, tripping or falling. Landing on a hard surface can cause a very painful injury to your nose. Banging your nose can often make it bleed. This can make an injury look worse than it is, so try to keep calm.

A car crash, or an accident involving a cyclist can result in knocks, and you may bang your nose. A cycling helmet can protect your head, but if you land awkwardly, your nose could still be damaged.

A lot of football or rugby players suffer nose injuries due to tackles. You cannot claim for an injury unless you can prove it was due to poor equipment, lack of training or a malicious tackle.

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Accident Advice Helpline know how you could develop a nose injury. We also understand how this can make you feel physically and emotionally. This is why we will use our specialist legal experience to get you the best compensation we can.

We also make it easy to find out if you can claim compensation for your nose injury. We use our unique 30-second test™. All you have to do is call us and talk to our advisors who can confirm if you are eligible.

  • You are only able to make a claim if your accident was someone else’s fault.
  • Injuries should always be treated, and to claim you must show that you visited a doctor. While a nose injury is often not serious, you could develop problems if you do not get it treated.
  • To claim for an accident you must call to start your claim within three years.

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