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How you could develop a finger injury

Read on if you’re wondering how you could develop a finger injury…

Finger injuries are more common than you might imagine. If you are wondering how you could develop a finger injury and if you could be entitled to compensation read on…

A finger injury at work

It’s well documented that over a gradual period of time many manual trades can bring about pain in fingers, wrists and arms known as hand-arm vibration syndrome. HAVS is usually brought about by operating tools or machinery which vibrates. It’s not fully understood how the vibration causes the condition but it’s generally accepted as a reason as to how you could develop a finger injury. Nerve endings are affected which leads to a loss of sensation. Early symptoms include:

  • Loss of feeling or numbness
  • Pins and needles
  • Loss of dexterity of movement
  • Reduction of strength
  • Inability to distinguish temperature
  • Discolouration

A full description of your symptoms along with documentation of the type(s) of machinery you have worked with and for how long may be enough to secure a diagnosis. If you are interested in claiming compensation, assessments can be done to determine:

  • The effect on your grip
  • A reduction in your hand strength
  • The extent of the loss of your fine hand movements
  • Your reaction to temperatures

There are many other ways in which a finger could become injured whilst at work. Post persons are constantly at risk of being bitten. When operating industrial machinery a finger can easily become damaged. In minor cases the digit could be bruised, twisted, broken or cut. In extreme cases the finger could be crushed or severed.

How Accident Advice Helpline can help

If you have suffered a finger injury either whilst at work, during a road traffic accident or in any incident that was not of your making, we will be pleased to help you claim damages. We have over 15 years’ experience in assisting vulnerable victims to secure the compensation they deserve. Don’t leave things too long as under UK law all claims must be made within a strict 3-year deadline.

Don’t let an accident that wasn’t your fault wreck your life and take away your chances. It’s not right that you should suffer the painful and far-reaching consequences of an injury. If you’ve been hurt and it wasn’t you fault, you deserve to be properly compensated. Ring our 24-hour advice helpline for free expert advice on the best way forward without any obligation.

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