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Defending against a personal injury claim

What to do if the negligent party is defending against a personal injury claim

In many cases when a personal injury compensation claim is made, the negligent party (often a private business or public establishment) will use its legal team when defending against a personal injury claim.

A company may want to defend themselves against a personal injury claim if they do not accept liability for the injuries caused. They might do this because they do not want to appear negligent and hurt their reputation. The effects of a personal injury compensation claim can affect the company financially by way of higher future insurance premiums.

To ensure that your claim for personal injury compensation is successful there are a number of steps you can take that will help your case:

Medical assistance

It is advisable, immediately after the accident, that you seek medical attention. This may be a first aider if the accident was at work or in a public place. If it was a road traffic accident call the ambulance services if your injuries warrant emergency treatment.

You can also visit your GP or the accident and emergency department at your local hospital. This will ensure your receive the appropriate treatment and diagnosis of your injuries. Your medical records will also be useful in making a personal injury compensation claim as they document your injuries by a professional expert.

If the injuries are visible you can also take photographs which will serve as further evidence to support your claim.

Document the accident

It is important that the accident is well documented as this will help your claim for personal injury compensation. If the accident occurred at work or a public place such as a supermarket, make sure that the incident is recorded accurately in the ‘Accident book’.

In road traffic accidents it is important you report the incident to the police. The police will take down a statement of the events and provide you with a crime reference number. Again this provides written confirmation of your accident and will be useful to support your claim.

It will also be useful if you keep a diary with information relating to the accident including your own description of the accident, with the date and time, if possible draw a sketch and a note of all injuries and symptoms. You should also write down the names and contact details for any witnesses.

Keep a record of any expenses or loses resulting from the accident. This includes prescription charges, taxi fares and loss of earnings.

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