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Defective equipment accident claims

Do you know how to claim for a defective equipment accident? Very few people find themselves in situations that might lead to defective equipment accident claims. However, given the injuries you could sustain from a defective equipment accident, it is vital to find out more about a claim if you suspect negligence was the reason behind it occurring to begin with. This can be a shocking experience and one that is very much unexpected, so it makes sense to find out what you can about claiming if you have been in this situation in the past. And since you have three years in which a claim can be made, there could still be time to put in a claim even if the accident wasn’t recent.

The term ‘defective equipment’ could relate to all kinds of equipment. For example, it may refer to farm machinery, to equipment used on a building site, to defective electrical equipment, and to many other items of equipment too. The crux of the matter is that the equipment is not fit for purpose, and therefore may potentially cause someone an injury. It doesn’t matter if it is a large piece of equipment or something small enough to hold in your hand. Every piece of equipment must be fit for purpose, and if it is not, either through poor manufacturing or substandard maintenance by an employer or provider, you could make a claim.

Is it easy to make defective equipment accident claims?

You must have proof that someone was negligent in failing to maintain the equipment that injured you. For example, this might be your employer. It is your employer’s responsibility to maintain equipment and if this is done regularly, there should be no need for any accidents to occur. This falls under health and safety laws, as every employer must protect their employees in every way possible.

Of course, you should have received ample and appropriate training on how to use the equipment, too. But even when you do have training, you should have confidence in whoever supplied the equipment to you. Your employer has a duty of care towards you and all other employees, and if this duty of care has been neglected, your chances of making a successful claim may well be much better than they would otherwise be.

It can be difficult to know whether someone has failed in their duty of care, of course. You will be primarily focused on the injuries you have sustained, and you may not remember what happened clearly. However, there are ways to find out more, such as to ask witnesses to the incident whether they would be prepared to provide a statement that helps support your theory that someone was negligent. And of course, you should also speak with an experienced lawyer who has dealt with defective equipment accident claims in the past. They will be able to assess what happened, how it happened, and whether you could make a claim. If they have handled defective equipment accident claims successfully already, they will be familiar with the process required to put forward a claim.

Could we help you work out whether you have a worthwhile claim?

If you are considering whether you could make one of the defective equipment accident claims that are made each year, you are in the best place to get some answers. Many people want to know more about the cost of making a claim for a defective equipment accident, so you will be reassured to know we operate on a no win no fee claims agreement.

The last thing you want if you are considering making defective equipment accident claims is to be at risk of losing out financially. However, if you use our service, you’ll receive the very best treatment from start to finish – and the no win no fee agreement we operate under means there is no financial risk for you to worry about. You can get on with focusing on your recovery, and we will guide you through the process of the claim if you have a good chance of receiving compensation for what happened to you.

Don’t be nervous

There is no doubt some people are nervous of making a claim for any reason. Whatever injuries they have suffered, they may feel self-conscious or nervous of claiming. They may want to get on with their lives and not be concerned about the ins and outs of claiming. However, we are here to make the entire process as smooth as possible from beginning to end. And since you can ring for no-obligation advice now, you will get access to expert advice and support right from the start. Surely it is better to do that, without obligation, than to miss your chance to claim?

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Remember, any defective equipment accident claims are fought without risk to you. This means that if one of our lawyers believes you have a good case that can result in you receiving compensation, they’ll argue that case on a no win no fee agreement. To find out if this would work for you, call us on 0800 689 5659, phone now, to speak to one of the team at Accident Advice Helpline. This could be the best call you make, and you will soon know whether a successful claim could be made on your behalf, by an experienced and professional personal injury lawyer on our team.