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The dangers of using hot glue guns in school

Hot glue guns in school have the potential to cause serious injuries. Teachers face a constant battle to combine inventive, fun lessons with pupil safety. Add this responsibility to children’s tendency to ignore risks, and the threat of school accidents is never far away.

What are the main dangers of using hot glue guns in school?

  • Personal injury – Hot glue guns are, obviously, hot. The glue reaches temperatures sufficiently hot to cause significant damage, especially to the young sensitive skin. A knock-on effect of any accident in school is the emotional trauma that often comes with it. Physical injuries may heal quickly. Destroyed esteem and confidence can take a lot, lot longer. The most common injury associated with hot glue guns in school is, of course, burns. Whilst a glue gun accident is unlikely to cause serious burn damage, it will still hurt. It can also cause skin damage if the child tries to peel the dried glue off too quickly. Furthermore, it’s also possible to glue fingers to tables. Again, freeing them can hurt.
  • Property damage – The use of hot glue guns in school requires close, constant supervision. The temptation for children to try and glue everything in sight is almost overwhelming. Desks can be damaged and other equipment ruined in the blink of an eye.

How can injuries from using hot glue guns in school be avoided?

  • Education – Teachers will, of course, drive home the importance of safety when using glue guns. They will have specific discipline procedures in place to deal with students who misbehave. They will also have clear instructions on how to use the glue guns safely. This will include verbal and written instructions, as well as demonstrations. All of this is designed to keep children safe, as is the Personal Protective Equipment available in schools. When it comes to using hot glue guns, safety goggles should be used. Whilst hot glue on a finger can sting, getting it in your eye could be catastrophic.

Accidents in schools can be extremely worrying and distressing times. Therefore, it can be reassuring to know that if your child was injured at school because of negligence, compensation may be due.

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