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Dangers of rollerblading on asphalt

Rollerblading on asphalt is a popular, exhilarating pastime enjoyed around the world. While many have the sense to wear suitable protective gear, such as helmet, knee, elbow and wrist pads, others are not so wise and some of the personal injuries resulting from falling onto hard ground can be serious.

Dangers of rollerblading

It is all too easy to unexpectedly lose balance or trip and fall when hitting even small obstacles, such as lumps and bumps in the pavement, potholes, loose grit and wet or greasy patches. Participants who have not taken the time to learn how to fall take the risk of falling backwards and injuring their tailbone and/or back.

Even those who have practised and know that grabbing their knees when they trip or slip in order to direct the fall forwards often suffer wrist or knee injuries. Asphalt also allows the build-up of comparatively high speeds, which in turn can make it difficult to stop in time to avoid hitting other road users or being hit by a car, for example.

Severity of injuries

Slips, trips and falls while rollerblading can be responsible for cuts, bruises and scrapes, as well as broken wrists, ankles and knees. Depending on the speed, direction of the fall and whether other road users were involved, injuries may also consist of more or less severe head, neck or back injuries.

Preventing mishaps

In order to prevent rollerblading accidents, it is essential to wear suitable, quality protective gear and:

  • Practise maintaining your balance and falling on grass, carpet or other soft surface
  • Learning to control your speed
  • Never performing stunts exceeding your ability

Avoiding busy roads, especially as a beginner, and preventing slips, trips or falls by keeping an eye on the surface or the road or pavement you are rollerblading on will also help to prevent accidental injuries.

Rollerblading incidents

If you sustain a rollerblading injury through no fault of your own, or if you are injured by someone rollerblading unable to stop, for instance, you could be eligible to claim for compensation. Find out if you are entitled to make a personal injury claim by calling our 24-hour Freephone confidential advice line, on 0800 689 5659. Alternatively, visit Accident Advice Helpline’s website and complete the 30-second test™. Having confirmed your claim eligibility, enlist the help of our legal team to conduct your claim on a no win no fee* basis.